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W H O   W E   A R E


Pastor Bill felt God calling him to begin NorthStar over 20 years ago. The first two years were spent meeting at a local high school, while we continually prayed that God would give us a permanent location. God answered by giving us 16.8 acres that had been in the same family since the days of the civil war. Through the years, this family had turned down offers as high as $600,000 but sold it to the church for only $300,000.


After paying off the property and the excavation work, we began to build stage one consisting of our Fellowship Hall, Play Station, Church Offices, Nursery, and Sunday School Classrooms. Much of Phase One was completed by members of NorthStar. We currently meet for worship in the fellowship hall until our sanctuary is built in phase two. God continues to bless NorthStar and has given us a great vision for the future.

Our mission at NorthStar is to build a church of love and hope. With America now the fourth largest lost population with 3 out of 4 not knowing Christ, we firmly believe that God alone is the hope for our nation.


Watch this short video to hear our founder, Dr. William Houck, recount the miraculous beginning's of NorthStar and how God has continued to faithfully guide us.

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